Sunday, July 29, 2012

Go The Fuck To Sleep - Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

So I was going to post a DIY about refinishing a hope chest but this is just too good to not share. I recently found a book that pretty accurately describes the parenting experience, especially around bed time, if you have kids you'll know what I'm talking about. This is the audible narration of the book done by Samuel Jackson (superbly executed). Check this out and enjoy :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifting like a Boss

So being a guy and being into thrifting can be difficult. Sure, if you go for the traditional electronic equipment maybe it's easier but when you're all about the clothes, well, then it's a true treasure hunt (especially if you want to do it right). Here's some quick tips that I find useful:

1. Know your size.

There are so many different sizing charts for men that its hard to keep track let alone know where you fall on the t-shirt/dress shirt/sport coat/suit/shoe/tie/pant/belt chart. But trust me, once you know and your clothes fit properly and comfortably the experience gets a lot easier (that goes for regular shopping too).

2. Be picky, but not too picky

Thrifting for clothes is an exercise in patience. Just because you know what size you are doesn't always mean you're going to find something you like. In fact, chances are something will catch your eye but upon closer inspection it doesn't fit at all. Know what aspects of your choices can be tailored (you can always shorten those pants or have that jacket taken in for a reasonable price). The trick is know how much effort and money you're willing to put into that great find.

3. Take your time

Setting aside enough time is essential to having a good thrifting experience. You really do have to look through just about everything to find that gem you can brag about to your friends. A lot of the time things are in the wrong size or section. Better to have the time to look and be sure you don't miss a thing than not.

To those who know, these may seem like simple and obvious ideas but nevertheless they are key to ensuring a productive and rewarding experience. Happy shopping!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've heard a lot of people talking about meal replacement lately. It's been around for over a quarter century, can you believe it (slim fast anyone?) I'm not knocking that but I'm all about seeing EXACTLY what goes into my smoothie. I also like them not always as replacement but in addition to a small snack as I've trained myself to graze instead of gorge. Recently I've been trying many different combos to see what interesting flavors I can create. Now I'm not a nutritionist or a hardcore professional foodie. By this I mean I don't own a $1000 dollar blender (though I'd gladly take one) and I'm not bold enough to put salad in my smoothie (though if be willing to try someday). I'm just into simple, natural ingredients that taste great together. Here's one of my more recent attempts using fresh ingredients on a tight budget:

1 cup cherries (pitted)
2 pears
1 cup plain yogurt (use Greek for a healthier kick)
2 teaspoons honey
(add milk to desired thickness)

Serves 2


Sunday, July 22, 2012

You're Starting a What!?!

Well here we go. I have NEVER done anything like this before nor do I have any idea of what I'm doing. I guess this blog will act as one small part therapy for me but mostly a sharing of my life through creativity for you. I've gone through most of my life trying to be the manly man that men envision themselves being but let me share something with you (lean in close)...Theres no such thing!!! I came to this stark realization after having two girls. Being a man is being yourself. Being a man is showing your style and being proud of it. Being a man is being there for your kids even if it means playing with dolls. So let me WELCOME YOU to what I hope will be something that will give you inspiration through fun with food, DIY, thrifting adventures, and raising two girls.