Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dress Shirts 101

As a man who wanted to be a guys guy, I didn't used to care about my shirt size, didn't want to know, didnt really care what fit was best on my body type, and didn't think anything of the funny numbers on the tag in most (best) dress shirts out there. Then one day just decided to figure it out. I got tired of my sleeves being too short or having that giant shirt bubble in the back (oooh man do I hate that bubble!). The minute I knew, my mens fashion experience became a lot more enjoyable, and dare I say...addicting lol. Anyway, I've noticed that a lot of men really DO want to know but dont know where to start or are afraid to ask. So here is a little mens fashion 101...

Now there are a lot of different things to know but to keep it simple most places sell shirts that only require you to know three things: Neck size, Sleeve length, and Fit (yes fashionistas, I know there is more but we arent there yet!). Take a look at this sizing chart:

This is a good place to start. There are lots of different takes on sizing and what small, medium, etc. equate to but these are the measurments I find have worked the best for me. Both neck measurements and sleeve measurements are in inches. Every taylor is different just like every body is different and its important to try the shirt on to see how comfortable you feel.

Part of that comfort also depends on the fit of the shirt itself. From a general stand point you can find  four types: Classic/standard, Slim, Fitted, and Modern. From first to last each fit gets tighter and more snug against the body, taking the place of actual chest and waist measurements. The last one, Modern, is similar to Fitted but has a tendancy to have a closer cut to the armpit. I openly admit im no designer or fashion guru but these easy simple tips have helped me tremendously. Happy Shopping!

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