Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summertime sickness

Who gets sick in the summertime, I mean seriously!?!? It always seems that I can't go one summer without catching some sort of summer bug that decides my body is the perfect place to bunk for a few days. Of course all my other natural bodily deficiencies don't help the situation, especially the Hyperhidrosis, that one leaves me super dehydrated which seems to cause all sorts of other issues. So why am I telling you all this? I figure maybe there is some one like me out there who finds them self in the same boat and if what works for my recovery works for yours then there you go. As a busy dad who HAS to go to work here's what works for me:

Because of my hyperhidrosis I have to ensure I keep from drying out. I normally drink lots of water anyway but it doesn't always work when I'm sick. I find that if I alternate between water and a low calorie/no calorie sports drink it does wonders.
2. Don't over medicate.
I don't like to take pills if I don't have to. If I do, I'll try and find something that will not only knock me out at bed time but take care of my aches and pains and any pressure or swelling. If you can, a lot of the over the counter stuff will work. Because of my allergies I prefer the "good stuff" and by that I'm referring to anything with pseudoephedrine. It requires you to go to the pharmacist but does the trick every time.

3. REST!!!
I know it sounds easy, but for me its hard to make myself go to bed because there is always one more thing to do. Get that workout in, do the laundry, clean, cook, it never ends. Sometimes its better to put that stuff off, when you re feeling better you be able to do it faster and not feel horrible. I personally will make it a fun thing and have a bedtime bonanza where the kids and I will all snuggle, watch TV with snacks, and/or read stories. "But wont the kids get sick?" you ask. If you have kids, then you know that they are probably where it came from anyway and if not they will probably get it regardless. Might as well make it fun, you can't quarantine yourself.

4. TEA
Just cause I love it, especially with a little honey :)

Hope this eases your sickness even just a little. What do you do to ease the pain?

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